God’s Portrait of a Beautiful Woman

Are you searching for godly companionship that will encourage and uplift you?

Are you yearning for deeper conversation as you apply God’s Word to your life?

Are you wanting to grow spiritually, as you draw closer to our Creator God?

The goal for the women’s Bible study is to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word, draw closer to our Lord as we seek Him everyday and encourage one another as we walk the path set before us in the strength of the Spirit.

You are invited to join us as we meet fortnightly during the school term on Tuesday nights, 7-9pm at Gospel Baptist Church.

For more information, please call or message Wendy 0410 612 705.

Current Bible Study: God’s Portrait of a Beautiful Woman

By Dorothy Davis

“Since the first moment of creation, God has been the Master Painter…as the Master Painter, God also desires to paint portraits. Each person, whom He has created, has the potential to be a portrait of godly beauty and the fulfillment of His perfect design for that human being.

A painter starts with a canvas and a palette of colours that are applied with a brush or other tool for the desired result. Think of your life as a canvas upon which the Lord is painting a portrait that will conform to the perfect design of His will for you. The purpose of this study is to help you cooperate with His work in our life as He seeks to make you into grace – more beautiful and more captivating than any portrait that has been painted by man!”

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